Cancer treatment-related complications in the mouth

Cancer Treatment-Related Complications In The Mouth

Each year about 400,000 people (including many in the West Atlanta , Douglas County and West Atlanta areas) with cancer develop treatment-related complications in the mouth ranging from lesions to chronic dry mouth to bone disintegration.  If serious, these complications can be life threatening.  While many are unavoidable, some can be prevented or minimized by Dr. Huq.

Dr. Huq recommends that whenever possible, a pre-therapy dental evaluation with a full set of mouth x-rays be performed. Any decay, gum disease and abscesses should be treated, if time permits, prior to chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

Even patients who have no pain or dental disorders need a thorough cleaning.  Our goal at Access Dental is to have the patient’s mouth in optimal health prior to beginning anti-cancer therapy.

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