Decayed baby teeth – bottle caries!

Decayed Baby Teeth – Bottle Caries!  Dr. Huq Can Help!

Brown baby teeth with fragmented edges

Upper front baby teeth that break easily

Children who have erupted teeth or are past the age to be weaned are highly susceptible to rotted front teeth when being put to bed with a bottle containing milk, juice or other sugar-containing liquids. There is decreased salivary flow during sleep and clearance of the liquid from the teeth is slowed.  Call us at 770 732-9222 for more details.

The liquid pools around the upper front baby teeth and creates an excellent environment to promote the growth of decay-causing bacteria.  Removing the bottle before the first tooth appears and wiping the child’s gums and teeth with a soft cloth before being put to bed can help prevent decay.

At 18 months of age, parents should bring their child into Access Dental for an examination and recommended home care by Dr. Huq.