Diet and dental health

Diet And Dental Health…Access Dental Can Help

Diets low in certain nutrients reduce resistance to oral and dental infections, that is, periodontal disease (gum disease) and decay.  Dr. Huq feels a healthy immune system is essential to controlling periodontal disease.

Counseling in the Four Basic Food groups will improve dental health and general health.  The consumption of sugar, especially in sticky forms or in a baby bottle while sleeping, contributes to the rapid development of dental decay.

The trace nutrient fluoride, may not be adequately supplied by bottle or municipal water supplies throughout the West Atlanta area.  Supplementation with oral tablets and topical application will reduce the incidence of dental decay by more than 60%.

Together, a balanced diet, daily use of fluoride, effective brushing, and sensible eating habits can reduce the risk of, or even prevent, infectious dental disease.

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