Foods to avoid while wearing orthodontic braces

Foods To Avoid While Wearing Orthodontic Braces…

You can eat just about anything, but there are some exceptions.  At Access Dental, we feel that getting used to braces also usually means making a few adjustments in your eating habits. This is because some food might damage your braces or cause problems for your teeth. Here’s a list of items to avoid (or some ways they can still be enjoyed with caution):

Apples (don’t bite into a whole one!  Cut it into wedges first.)
Bubble gum (some orthodontists allow sugarless gum, but check with yours for approval)
Candy (caramels, taffy, nut brittles, fruit-flavored chewy candies, gummi anything!)
Carrots (avoid sticks, cut into thin curls)Corn on the cob (remove the kernels from the cob, then enjoy!)
Corn chips/crisp tacos
Hard foods (they’re tough on braces, causing bending and breaking)
Ice (no crunching!)
Lemon juice/lemons (pure lemon juice is very hard on your tooth enamel)
Pizza crust/crusty breads (outer edges)
Pretzels (the large, hard varieties)
Sticky foods (can bend wires and pull off brackets)
Sugary foods (avoid these as much as possible; if you do eat them, brush your teeth within minutes or as soon as possible, or at least rinse your mouth with water)

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