TMJ disorder symptoms

“Dr. Huq, what are the symptoms of TMJ disorder?”

Jaw pain or soreness, more noticeable in the morning or afternoon
Jaw pain while chewing, biting, or yawning<
Earache without an infection, sometimes spreading into the face
Soreness in front of the ear
A clicking or grinding noise while opening and closing your mouth
Difficulty opening and closing your mouth
A stiff jaw when eating, talking, or yawning
Sensitive teeth without any signs of dental problems
Aching on the side of the head and neck pain
A burning sensation in the mouth/tongue
Grinding of your teeth
Restricted range of jaw movement or “locking” of the jaw in an open or closed position
A thorough dental examination is the first step toward finding a solution.  Depending on the diagnosis, treatments may include reshaping teeth, bite guards, and muscle relaxants.

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