What dental problems could a baby have?

Commonly Asked Questions Of Dr Huq About Your Children’s Dental Care…

“Dr. Huq, what dental problems could a baby have?”

Dental problems can begin early.  A big concern is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay (BBTD), which is preventable.  BBTD can result from long periods of exposing baby teeth to liquids that contain sugar including formula, milk, breast milk, and juice.

A baby who has a habit of sleeping with a baby bottle filled with any sugary liquid or a breast in their mouth is at risk of getting BBTD.  Frequent snacking on sweet or sticky foods can also cause decay.

The earlier your first dental visit to Access Dental, the better chance of preventing dental problems.  Children with healthy teeth can chew food well, speak clearly and share precious smiles.  Start your child on a lifetime of good dental habits now!

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